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Dinner Menu

套餐 Special Combo$24.75

Includes: Egg flower soup, Almond chicken, Sweet and sour pork, Special chow mein, Fried rice. Stir fry option available.

汤 Soups

蛋花汤 Egg flowerC $3.50, B $14.75

馄炖汤 WontonC $4.75, B $20.00

什锦馄炖汤 Combination Wonton$25.00

酸辣汤 Hot and Sour 🌶️$22.25

红油馄炖汤 Hot red oil wonton 🌶️$20.00

猪肉 Pork

糖醋里脊 Sweet & sour porkC $3.50, B $14.75

糖醋排骨 Sweet & sour spareribs$24.50

木须肉 Moo shu pork$22.00

小炒肉 Hot pork w/ garlic sauce 🌶️$23.50

炒面 Chow Mein

招牌炒面 Special chow mein$23.50

什锦炒面 Combination chow mein$24.00

素炒面 Vegetable chow mein$22.25

鸡肉炒面 Chicken chow mein (steam table) $22.00

鸡肉炒面 Chicken chow mein$22.00

虾炒面 Shrimp chow mein$22.00

猪肉炒面 Pork chow mein$19.50

炒饭 Fried Rice

猪肉炒饭 Pork fried rice$20.75

火腿炒饭 Ham fried rice$20.75

虾炒饭 Shrimp fried rice$22.00

培根炒饭 Bacon fried rice$22.00

罗勒炒饭 Basil fried rice 🌶️$24.00

什锦炒饭 Combination fried rice$24.00

素炒饭 Vegetable fried rice$20.75

鸡肉炒饭 Chicken fried rice$20.75

牛肉炒饭 Beef fried rice$22.00

蟹肉炒饭 Crab fried rice (real crab)$27.50

芙蓉蛋 Egg Foo Young

芙蓉蛋 Egg foo young$20.00

芙蓉虾蛋 Shrimp egg foo young$24.75

鸡肉芙蓉蛋 Chicken egg foo young$22.00

海鲜 Seafood

糖醋虾仁 Sweet & sour prawns$23.50

腰果虾仁 Cashew shrimp$24.75

豆荚虾仁 Shrimp with peapods$24.75

鲜蔬虾仁 Shrimp with fresh veggies$24.75

芙蓉酱虾仁 Shrimp with lobster sauce$24.75

西兰花炒虾仁 Shrimp with broccoli$24.75

虾仁炒米 Shrimp with sizzling rice$24.75

核桃虾仁 Walnut shrimp$24.75

宫保鱿鱼 Kung pao squid 🌶️$29.00

宫保虾仁 Kung pao shrimp 🌶️$24.75

宫保干贝 Kung pao scallops$29.00

蒜蓉酱干贝 Scallops w/ garlic sauce$29.00

四川虾仁 Szechuan shrimp$24.75

罗勒鲑鱼 Salmon w/ basil$29.00

海鲜饭 Seafood w/ sizzling rice$29.00

蒜蓉虾仁 Hot shrimp w/ garlic sauce$24.75

杂碎 Chop Suey

什锦杂碎 Combination chop suey$24.75

蔬菜杂碎 Vegetable chop suey$23.00

虾仁杂碎 Shrimp chop suey$23

鸡肉杂碎 Chicken chop suey$22.00

猪肉杂碎 Pork chop suey$22.00

牛肉杂碎 Beef chop suey$22.25

面条 Noodles

鲜虾炒面 Shrimp fried noodles 🌶️$24.75

什锦炒面 Combination fried noodles$24.75

热辣牛肉汤面 Hot spicy beef noodle soup 🌶️$22.00 (bowl)

荞麦面 Schulien noodles$19.50

鸡汤面 Chicken noodle soup (bowl)$19.50

猪骨汤面 Pork noodle soup (bowl)$19.50

牛肉米粉 Beef rice noodles$22.00

美式炒面 American fried noodles$18.50

超级碗炒面 Special fried noodle bowl$26.00

*Some items are available gluten and MSG free

素菜类 Vegetables *fried or steamed tofu

什锦炒菜 Combination vegetable$22.25

木须菜 Moo shu fresh vegetables$22.25

豆鲜蔬豆腐 Tofu with fresh vegetables 🌶️$23.50

宫保豆腐 Kung pao tofu $22.25

豆荚炒肉 Peapods chow yuk$22.25

牛肉 Beef

番茄牛肉 Beef with tomato$23.50

豆荚牛肉 Beef with peapods$23.50

西兰花炒牛肉 Beef with broccoli$23.50

鲜蔬牛肉 Beef with fresh veggies$23.50

牛肉炒米 Beef with fresh sizzling rice$23.50

蒙古牛肉 Mongolian beef$24.25

姜汁牛肉 Ginger beef$23.50

宫保牛肉 Kung Pao beef 🌶️$23.50

香辣脆皮牛肉 Spicy crispy beef 🌶️$24.75

黑胡椒牛肉 Black pepper beef$23.50

四川牛肉 Szechuan beef 🌶️$23.50

青菜炒肉 Beef chow yuk$23.50

橙味牛肉 Orange beef 🌶️$24.75

鸡 Chicken

杏仁鸡 Almond chicken$23.00

酸甜鸡 Sweet & sour chicken$23.00

木须鸡肉 Moo shu chicken (4 pancakes)$24.50

蘑菇鸡片 Moo goo gai pan$23.00

生菜卷鸡 Chicken in lettuce wraps$23.00

豆荚鸡 Chicken with peapods$23.00

鸡肉炒米 Chicken with sizzling rice$23.75

鲜蔬鸡肉 Chicken with fresh veggies$23.00

宫爆鸡丁 Kung pao chicken 🌶️$23.00

香辣脆皮鸡 Spicy crispy chicken$23.00

咖喱鸡 Chicken curry 🌶️$23.00

蒜蓉鸡 Chicken with garlic sauce 🌶️$23.00

川味炒鸡 Szechuan chicken$23.00

罗勒鸡 Basil chicken$23.00

芝麻鸡 General sesame chicken$23.75

腰果鸡 Cashew chicken$23.00

柠檬鸡 Lemon chicken$23.00

橙味鸡 Orange chicken 🌶️$23.75

豆腐 Tofu

麻婆豆腐(猪肉) Ma po tofu (pork)$22.25

什锦豆腐 Combination bean curd$24.00

配菜 Side Dishes

肉汁 GravyC $4.25 | B $8.50

糖醋酱 Sweet & sour sauceC 4.20 | B $8.50

白米 White riceC $2.25 | B $4.25

猪肉炒饭 Pork fried riceC $2.75 | B $5.00

鸡肉炒饭 Chicken fried riceC $2.75 | B $5.00

炒饭 Fried riceC $2.25 | B $5.00

American Dishes

American Dishes

  • Fish and Chips - $18.00
  • Fried Shrimp - $18.50
  • Deluxe Burger w/ beer battered French fries - $13.00
  • Chicken tenders w/French fries - $13.00
  • French fries - H$4.00 | F$7.00
Children and Seniors

Children and Seniors

  • 1 - $14.75 | Egg flower soup, Fried prawns, Sweet & sour pork, Pork Fried rice
  • 2 - 14.75 | Egg flower soup, Almond chicken, BBQ pork, Pork fried rice
  • Hamburger - $5.00
  • Cheeseburger - $5.50
  • Grilled Cheese - $5.00


  • Coffee - $3.25
  • Hot cocoa - $3.25
  • Ice tea - $3.25
  • Milk - $3.25
  • Chocolate Milk $3.25
  • Soda - $3.25
  • Orange Juice $3.25
  • Apple Juice - $3.25


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